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Designing my own Notebooks

I have always loved stationary, me and my mum have the same excitement over new notebooks so I have always wanted to design my own. In my foundation, my final major project was to design a stationary brand where I made my own notebooks. From then I've realised I need to make this happen. So after spending about a year finding suppliers, designing and debating and all the important decisions, like what paper you should use (that took about two weeks to decide) I finally invested in my first notebooks!

Exercise books

The first set are A5 notebooks with gloss covers and vibrant colours. Its eco friendly with recycled paper, lined or plain, and rounded corners. There are two designs, black/white/gold fluid marble design or pink/green print design. Great for jotting notes down, shopping lists or lecture notes!

Premium Notebooks

These notebooks are A5 as well but a bit more special. The front cover has a lush matte finish on 300gsm paper, inside are 86 pages of lined paper designed by me and perfect bound. These are great for that special notebook to treat yourself to get organised at work, uni/school or at home which everyone knows is essential!

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