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Ford Pro
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Ford came to us and we were asked to create an engaging space to discover more about ford pro; a new software for the E-transit designed to transform commercial fleet vehicle productivity.


Held at a 4,000 sq ft warehouse in Barcelona, The space had to be immersive and electrified to capture the essence of entering the always-on digital age. A blank canvas meant we had free reign, we added full height bank of screens, extra levels, software zones and a 10m light up pillar acting as a key focal point and messaging platform at the centre of the warehouse. We created different zones so multiple talks could be given including a circular software zone use blue acrylic and scaffolding full of interacting screens to create a HQ of Ford Pro.

The look and feel was incorporated across large scale (20m+) screens and displays to smaller printed signs so had to work over a variety of assets and had to be technical and engaging. A use of imagery provided warmth and personality to the warehouse. Lighting and materials were considered to be rugged and technical both to reflect the new E-transit and its software; acrylics, metals and concrete were all used as well as large screens, printed totems and glass. As well as launching Ford Pro, the E-transit custom was to be revealed with dramatic effect. From sketch to reality we installed a LED stage to create an immersive light effect to reveal parts of the car slowly until the full reveal.


After 6 weeks and 2,500 guests it was time to take it all down.

Initial Sketch

End Result

Embargo Reveal Film

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