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Lotus Eletre 
Media drive






Art Direction | Design | Print | Events | Ideation | Art working

Lotus approached us to deliver an engaging global media drive event in Oslo, Norway for the Lotus Eletre – the brand’s first all-electric Hyper SUV.


Our aim was to create an immersive drive with dynamic routes, showcasing the capabilities of the car and an engaging presentation space full of beautiful graphics, creating an environment that encourages learning and conversations about the car and brand. 

Our main presentation areas were three hubs; The Tech zone and the Performance zone at the hotel on day 1 of the event and the Eletre R drive zone on day 2.


Ahead of the event, during the pre-production stage, we spoke at length with the Lotus engineers in Germany. From this, we used the key product messages to form the structure of the content. We created large scale infographics, mixed with content films as well as dressing the room with beautiful imagery and mixed materials like acrylic and LED lighting to create a branded hub to capture journalists imagination.

After 2 live weeks and 120 media guests from around the world, the results of the media drive were impressive with over 669 pieces of coverage being created from the event with an estimated 12.5m views across this.

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