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Land Rover Defender Launch


Land Rover




Design | Illustration | Art directing

The launch of the new Land Rover Defender was highly anticipated and I was part of the team that designed the look and feel for the PR assets. Using a utilitarian style we designed multiple infographics, a 100+ page press pack and films to explain all the new features of a car with 75 years of history. Infographics and press packs were designed to work together and independently across different websites and articles, interchanging as parts of a Defender should.

Connected capability was an animated film needed to explain the complexities of the revolutionary tech involved in the new Defender and was released alongside the press pack. Each section was designed with a technical spin on the utilitarian look and feel and all elements drawn to create an infinite connected film. Working alongside an animator to bring these drawings to life, the result was a beautiful technical film explaining a complex topic. 

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