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Puma Media Drive






Design | Print | Events | Ideation | Art working

Ford launched a brand new Puma in 2020 and we were tasked with creating the media drive event for it. With a millennial audience and a lifestyle focus, we took journalists from around Europe to Malaga, Spain where they had a two-day drive to fully experience the car.


Every touch point was thought about carefully, from when they first arrived in the airport cabin where we created a relaxing lounge for people to start their journey and collected their keys to the end of the night where the new puma was revealed in a swimming pool for a dramatic evening show.


Focusing on the main capabilities of the car, we designed the press kit to emulate their USP; a Mega Box inside the boot, designed to carry your muddy boots or your new house plants from Ikea.  The journalists information pack allowed them to open the puma boot and dive into the information inside and a sneak peak inside the car.

Multiple large scale informational displays where designed two of which involved physical cut outs of the car which allowed for interactive and immersive presentations to take place, engaging journalists resulting in glowing reviews about the Puma.  


This was a 4 month project involving ideation, design, print and art working and resulted in a very successful 2 week event for ford.

From sketch to reality

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