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Show Number One - New Designers

I was lucky enough to be picked for both graduate design shows in london this year. The first show I attended was New Designers and the business design centre in islington. It was incredibly successful and fun to be with my course mates and networking with industry and other graduates.

I had a range of work shown at New designers including my Natural Colours Project, Forgotten Homes & Fake News. My work even got shortlisted by Allermuir for my use of colour!

I had an amazing time, spoke to a lot of people, had lots of interesting conversations and wish I could do it all over again (despite the heat!)

Tips for the show to my past self

- Drink lots of water (its so hot)

- Chat to anyone and everyone- you never know who they are!

- Team work- Have everyones phone number who's exhibiting so if someones looking at their work and they're not there you can get them back!

- Enjoy it! It goes quickly (apart from the last day!) so make the most of it!

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