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Travel: Nice Memorial

Disclaimer: images may be distressing//post does not contain my political opinions

We were staying near Nice when the terror attack on Bastille day, 14th July, took place. We were lucky enough not to be in the city centre however being in a city just after a terrible event like this, you appreciate a tiny percentage of what took place without being there at the time. Seeing people so distraught in grief is something that will stay with me forever and what gets me still is that we were so upset and affected and we weren't directly in the attack.

We began to think what it was like for the 84 people who lost their lives and the 30,000 people who were there. It has taught me that even if you are shocked by the media coverage of an event like this you only feel a tiny bit of what people who were there felt, which sounds obvious but I had never thought of my reactions to news coverage like that before.

The attack took place late Thursday evening and on the Monday we went to pay our respects on the promenade. It was relatively quiet with lots of respectful messages, tears, TV cameras, families in grief, presents and hope. We saw Nice trying to get back to normal in an effort to recover which was positive and encouraging.

I took photos when I felt it was appropriate in an effort to respectfully remember this event for everyone involved. Memorials varied from strong, loud statements to heartfelt messages but I hope the photos speak for themselves.

Memorials were placed where people lost their lives.

The road was blocked off for investigation

thousands of people paid respect

Rubbish left where the attacker was killed. Strongest statement I have seen.

The man in the pale blue shirt shortly broke down after this was taken.


People of all ages paying respect

Memorials ranged from small ones marking where people lost their lives to large memorials for everyone who died.

Je Suis Épuisé, I am exhausted

Nice and love

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