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Travel: Madrid

This summer I was lucky enough to spend some time travelling. My first stop was Madrid for a 3 day city break with uni friends. We stayed in the Hotel Acta Madform around the corner from the Royal Palace. The hotel was a modern design hotel and it was beautiful. It had work areas and living spaces with lots of art and design books, the rooms were simple but had gorgeous touches like the lights and chairs and the soft grey tones throughout the hotel made it feel comfortable yet smart. It felt more like 3* to me.

Outside of our modern hotel was beautiful historic Spanish architecture. Because of our short time frame we took a bus tour around the centre of madrid, around the palace, city hall and gardens.

Royal Palace.

Royal Palace Gardens

I loved the window detail and patterns on the many apartments around the city.

Gran Vía

City hall with a strong message.

Pretty city apartments

The detail on some of the grand buildings in the city centre was extravagant and inspiring.

Parque de el Retiro

Madrid is a beautiful city with modern and historic design inspiration that I loved spending time in. Cannot wait to return.

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