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Typographic Editorial

We were given a choice of six articles to chose from to create an editorial. My chosen article was ‘You can’t travel back in time, scientists say.’ which I chose for the strong visual aesthetics. We had to read, deconstruct and identify key themes and opportunities for creative exploration within the article. Producing a minimum of 12 double page spreads we were also instructed to bind our fully typeset document. 


Submission requirements; 

Minimum of 12 double page spreads, bound and printed to a professional standard. Type specification and grid to support our publication. 



The article varied in pace a lot as it gave the reader hope and then brutally brought them back to earth as theories of time travel were destroyed. It seemed like after scientists tried thinking outside the box, they had to put the idea back in its box. I wanted a simple, modern aesthetic, symbolic of space, to not conflict with the theories discussed, and I wanted the reader to think outside the box by removing the editorial from it, go through the turbulent article and have to place it back in its box.

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