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Take A Stance 

Brief: We were given a current social issue to debate and take a stance on; we were given pro nuclear power. We had to have a debate with an opposing team so have to create a persuasive presentation in any media we want. 



As a group we took the stance of wanting to demystifythe stereotypes surrounding nuclear power. Through this project we ourselves realised it wasn't as 'evil' as it was made out to be. We wanted to calmly present convincing facts with a proposal at the end to work together with renewable energy for the good of the planet and society. 

We used real infographics to persuade the audience as it is a memorable technique. Combined with a simple and modern video style this reaches our age group of 18-25. The result of the debate was a positive majority. Most people reconsidered their own stance and wanted to research further into the debate. 

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