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Evija Look

and Feel







Lotus asked us to create a unique look and feel and graphic toolkit for the Evija to be used across all marketing materials including films, stills, infographics and factoids.


Taking inspiration from the Evija launch event and
the Evija wordmark logo, we opted for a sleek black, yellow and white palette to ensure a premium but
eye-catching effect.

Capable of over 200mph and with a truly breathtaking aerodynamics package, we wanted the Evija materials to include a stripe and rear afterburner graphic that represents high speed and the brand’s ‘carved by air’ design message.


Finally, as this is an all-electric car, a more subtle circuit board-inspired detail, suitable for fact sheets and infographics, completed the look.


Used on a variety of films, infographics, customer documents and socials, this look and feel helped form future works.

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