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Forgotten Homes


Investigate an instance of gentrification and produce a piece of work that describes your findings. 


A book exploring the area of Liverpool 8 and the Granby Four Streets where homes had been selected for demolition with the aim of a better quality of housing and life. In reality the pathfinder scheme had been scrapped and the area left for disrepair with 180 houses in only four streets empty and only a few people remaining in each street. 


Chapter one: starts with what a pathfinder is and describes how it has effected the area, with maps detailing how the area has changed. 


The rest of the book goes through street by street to see what is left in the community with maps of Liverpool to see how close the Granby Four Streets area is to the centre of Liverpool. 


Chapter 2 tracks the area in November 2017 


Chapter 3 looks at the area exactly three months later in February 2018. 

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