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The last term has been full of collaborations. I have worked with my two photographer friends, Evie Knighton and Bella Bradford on their book designs for their studies. Ive learnt about collaborations at masters open days for curating courses which I went along to to support Evie at and a little family collaboration with my talented Aunty and her embroidery shop.

Evie & Bella

Evie and Bella approached me during the beginning of last term to ask for help on designing two photo books for their third year developmental projects. Both of their ideas led to really interesting concepts for book designs. Bella's work was about documenting sacred places in Britain, places some people wouldn't always see. She covered over 30 different places of worship and her photos were stunning. I needed to curated them consistently for each place and we agreed to display the outside of the building first then the alter and then any other unique aspects for each place. We agreed on the grid and the concept of the book however the front cover of the book took longer to deliberate over as it had to be perfect! We worked with the printers as well to achieve the best results for the whole book.

Evie's concept was slightly more complex. Her project titled optical truth focused on distorting an image throughout the book leaving the reader to guess the location towards the end. She focused on unusual aspects of a typical situation to throw the reader off track. It focused on how photography communicates messages. The layout of the book was crucial for this communication. There was no grid, and anything went, we knew when it just worked.

A lot of messages and coffee dates later both the books were done and were successful in their crits. Success.

Curating courses

I spent an interesting day going to the Royal College of Art and University of the Arts London (Chelsea College) with Evie who is interested in pursuing a career in curating at museums and galleries. We are both very similar in our tastes, we always have been throughout secondary school so when we both organised our respective end of year shows at foundation/second year university we found similarities in the way we ran it and we both loved it! Its a natural career path for her and it was really good to see how on the course they encourage collaborations with everyone within the art and design field. I can't imagine anything better than working with my best friend in a professional sense!

Grandmas Knitting- Susan Draper

A fun collaboration was with my Aunt & Uncle. They recreated my rose design which i have used in my logo and prints by sewing it on napkins. The best family collaboration!


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