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Travel: Florence

After Madrid I flew to florence for a family holiday with my gran and sister. I love Italy, the culture, food, history, architecture, country side, cities and more are all beautiful to me. I feel relaxed and inspired when I'm there and next time I visit I have road trip around the country in mind.

We stayed in central florence, 2 minutes away from the Duomo on a street which had pizzerias, mini supermarkets, enticing leather shops and gorgeous paper shops. The apartment had stunning high ceilings and everything we could need to live comfortably including a kitchenette to save money and explore local food markets whilst on holiday.

Link for the apartment for more details:

Coffee table in the apartment, not many photos taken of it as we were so busy exploring!

Best paper shop selling ornate notebooks paper and art supplies

We spent five days in Florence which was perfect, we could of spent longer but we packed in loads and still had time to relax and recover from our busy holiday! Highlights were the Uffizi gallery which was packed full of historical art pieces and even my sister who has no interest in art found it amazing and good fun to walk around. Its not too big and over whelming but still has 1000s of famous pieces which gave an insight into life then. The building itself was stunning with the ceilings being so impressive that I ended up with neck cramp! Imagining them being painted on scaffolding spending hours creating masterpieces at that height made it all the more powerful.

One of many grand rooms housing 100s of classical paintings

This was 'just' one of the corridors

The museum had thought about visually impaired visitors to in a way I hadn't seen before. By creating 3D moulds with great detail allowed everyone to be included during their visit.

Original painting

3D mould showing depth which allows everyone to interact with the painting more.

Depth and texture with lots of detail

One of my favourite pieces of the museum was "Garland of flowers with marble bust of Archduke Lepold Wilhelm' 1647 (Oil on copper). Snappy name.

Gorgeous piece

The overall style grabbed me because it reminded me of the victorian ornate silhouette style and this showed me how this early styles can inspire later pieces of art. I have always liked classical art but never been passionate about it but this was a moment I realised I need to look every where for inspiration for my art work as everything can be used to inspire and idea.

Close up detail

This painting has been in the Uffizi since 1793

There was inspiration every where in Florence as the city was gorgeous. Here are some photos.

Massimo Dutti shop window sketchbook inspiration

Night time photography of the Duomo which is tricky without a tripod.

The scale of the cathedral is immense and the detail and colour makes sense on why it took so long to build.

The dome you can see for miles

The entrance to our street

Marble detail

Sun set lighting

Taken whilst finding a new pizza restaurant

More impressive ceilings, Basilica di San Lorenzo

I'll be be back soon Florence!


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